Bob Valente

Dominic Cardone's Short Sale Course in Southampton. I must tell you that it turned out to be the most interesting as well as THE most educational MCE course that I have ever taken.  
I had never had a short sale transaction but had heard all the horror stories associated with them from co-workers in our office. On January 25th of this year I made settlement on my first short sale and I experienced none of the horror that I had heard about. The strategies that Dominic taught me to employ and language that he recommended that I add in the special clauses paragraph of the agreement eliminated many problems that I'm sure other agents get caught up in, that could lead to added stress or worse, the termination of a deal and dissapointment for a client. I must say that although it was my first short sale, I felt very confident throughout the whole process because "I knew what I was doing" as a result of Dominic's course. I often referred back to my course materials and notes. 

I feel that in large part he helped me earn that short sale commission and helped my client acquire her first home. She loves the house and thinks I'm a great Realtor. It doesn't get  better than that in this business.